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Laser Hair Removal

The innovative Ecolite IPL technology uses clinically tested safe bursts of light to permanently remove unwanted hair from parts of the body with a simple flash of light.

The Ecolite applicator covers a large area of the skin making it the fastest and most efficient way to permanently remove hair on the market today, which means you save valuable time! It is safe on all grades of skin. We have fantastic results on all kinds of hair type, especially course dark hair, on males and females.

17 years of successful Laser Hair Removal by beauty garden says it all.

Why come to beauty garden? Many salons and establishments offer Laser Hair Removal. It is vitally important that you choose a salon that has the right experience and carefully maintained equipment. At beauty garden we offer the highest standards in treatments. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all our therapists are 'highly' experienced. We have been carrying out Laser Hair Removal for over 17 years with great success in hair removal. All our therapists have undertaken rigorous training courses and undergo constant in-house quality control. We pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment to the highest of standards and all treatments are fully insured.

Hair removal is a science that needs to be understood. Please come in for a free private consultation where we can explore all your options. We offer great offers on courses.

There is no better reason to choose beauty garden for Laser Hair Removal Say 'goodbye Razor' and 'Hello Laser!'

As hair growth is a cycle, hair follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only follicles in the growth phase actually contain hair and can be destroyed by the heat. About 20% of your hair is at this stage at any one time, thus any resting hair follicles must enter the growth phase before they can be effectively destroyed. This is the reason you must go through a treatment cycle at intervals until all hair follicles have been through the growth phase.
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